Allodial title, (allōt: “full property”) historical – An estate held in absolute ownership, without acknowledgement to a superior. Early 17th century: from medieval Latin al(l)odium, used frequently in the Domesday Book.

Allodeum (allodial + blockchain) contemporary – A blockchain-based solution for real estate title insurance, including abstracts, title documents, and searches.  Enhanced token mining gamification designed to keep title clean & fight data entropy.

Allodeum is intended to soothe title insurance “pain points” of scattered data sources, paper fallibility, and cumbersome title searches.  The Allodeum blockchain is designed for clear, readable title abstracts associated with relevant document files stored on blockchain.

Our technology will support the legacy data systems of paper and PDF-based documents, while incorporating electronic signature, digital escrow, and smart contracts for the future of real estate closings.  Allodeum plans to utilize token mining incentives for gamification of title chain to fight data entropy and encourage clean title.