government services & public partnerships

Allodeum’s solutions are designed for use by both government agencies and the private title insurance sector.

There is worldwide interest in applying blockchain technology to improve real estate transfers. Key differences in certification of title between the land recording system (United States) and the Torren’s system (most of the world) provide a challenge that Allodeum’s flexibility is designed to meet. A key difference is that in the U.S., transfer of title is managed and certified by private title insurers, while in a Torren’s system, the government guarantees certainty of title.

Allodeum’s blockchain technology enables governments to engage in advanced management of land rights including of agricultural, energy, mineral, telecom, and biodiversity. Real time, transparent, and up-to-date management of applicable rights by regulatory and administrative officials is a key benefit of Allodeum for governments.

In the U.S., we provide an interface for the title insurance industry to more efficiently manage closings and instrument recordation. Government agencies serviced include offices of  Appraiser, Clerks, Land Registry, Minerals, Recorders, Survey, and any others with a need to manage land rights. Our blockchain title registry system is designed to meet government specific requirements, with support for judicial and registrar control.

Torrens systems are supported with secure, efficient transfer and surety of title. Contributions of existing stakeholders (lawyers, government officials) are valued to integrate legacy practices with the future of title transfers. Cadastre mapping services and linkage to title We believe in win-win scenarios.

We also provide support and services for transitioning paper-based title systems to the blockchain.