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Smart contracts

  • Multi-party document review & approval.

  • Multi-signature digital escrow, or “Smart Contracts” can help prevent wire transfer fraud and ensure the proper flow of funds at closing. 

  • Real time view of who has signed required documents.

  • Funds until more than one party has entered a password for approval. 

  • Electronic signature, digital escrow, and smart contracts for the future of real estate closings.

Title Industry Solutions

  • Web-app blockchain user friendly title registry designed to meet government & legal, with support for judicial and registrar control.

  • Workflow and interface for efficient closing mechanics.

  • Closing produces instruments ready for public recordation.

  • Parallel blockchain registry allows for instant document registration.

  • Allodeum is designed for clear, readable title abstracts with data files hashed to blockchain data. 

Blockchain standards

  • Allodeum’s private blockchain strengthens title searches and underwriting while enhancing trust.

  • Private blockchain allows for maintenance of records.

  • Parallel recording system with blockchain // recorder’s office.

  • Address  title insurance “pain points” of scattered data sources, paper fallibility, and cumbersome title searches.

  • Scalable private blockchain.

Private Data Storage

  • Private blockchain supports a large database beyond the capabilities of public blockchains.

  • Private data access restricted to approved parties.

  • Unrecorded documents affect title yet suffer from poor document management and storage. 

  • Notes, title policies, loan agreements, debentures, easements, or side letter agreements. 

  • Personal documents that impact title include wills, identification documents, and birth and death certificates.

Planned Future Development

  • Automation of title search & title policy production.

  • Innovative blockchain property ownership verification.