Our Team


Benjamin Polen, Founder & CEO

Ben has over fifteen years experience in real estate, title insurance, and associated industries. He is excited to implement his vision for blockchain solving real estate title issues. As advisor to private real estate investors, Ben has directly arranged financing and acquisitions for more than $100 million of commercial real estate transactions and has worked on $1b of real estate transactions. Previously funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, Ben developed an educational curriculum for real estate property managers to invest in energy upgrades. Baruch College, City University of New York (MBA, Real Estate & Finance).  Guest Lecturer at Rutgers University.

Frank Taylor, CTO & lEAD Blockchain Programmer


Experienced blockchain programmer and developer, experienced in public and private blockchain development.

Currently Head of AI at Swarm Fund, the
first blockchain for private equity. Domain expertise in decentralization, machine learning, cryptography, and privacy. Founder of Tensor AI. UC Berkeley, BA Physics.

adam Lobel, Project Manager


Adam is a third-generation real
estate professional, experienced in software, blockchain, and Japanese culture. He is currently based in Tokyo at a leading blockchain lab in Ginza. He co-founded Sizung Inc., a communications
software company located in NYC. Concurrently, research fellow at
IFENG, a global Top-4 think tank. Bilingual in Japanese. UC Berkeley (BA, Buddhism). Musashi Institute of Technology (MS).



Solid, innovative and effective Industry Leader. Holds Title Licenses in PA, NJ & DE. Old school Experienced title abstractor, developing blockchain solutions for real estate title. Successful in streamlining procedures, formulating team-oriented goals and fostering business & strategic partnerships with external entities. 

Ted sprink, title industry expert


Fmr. Sr. VP & National Director of Sales & Marketing of real estate title co. Fidelity National Financial; and CEO of a commercial division of First American Corporation.  Responsible for product development, product launch, branding marketing, sales initiatives and strategic alliances. Generated $495 Billion in Capital Market transactions in a 10-year period.  Established the requirement for Article 9 UCC title insurance products, which he designed and launched nationally.

Daniel Smith, Blockchain PRogrammer

Engineer and entrepreneur growing digital businesses. SaaS and growing blockchain ideas from scratch. Smart Contract development. Member, Processing Foundation. ConsenSys Certified Ethereum Developer (First Cohort). Certified Ethereum Developer (CED)-LEVEL1 - License: CED0103026 , Certified Government Blockchain Specialist.

jarah euston, serial tech entrepreneur (advisor)


Senior online and mobile technology executive with P&L, product, and strategy experience at Flurry, BCG and startups. Named one of Business Insider’s “28 Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising.”

Sophie Crommelinck, chief data scientist (proposed)


Researcher (PhD anticipated Summer 2019) with broad interest in spatial data analysis. Research on the development and implementation of a method that supports the mapping of land tenure boundaries from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) data by means of automatic feature extraction coupled with ML. Background in geography and geoinformatics overlapping with remote sensing.

Don Ho, serial tech entrepreneur (advisor)


Investor and entrepreneur with global perspectives and cross-functional investment support, product and growth. Previous at IDG Ventures and PNP Ventures, helped launch Nexla, Ayasdi,& Los Angeles Football Club.